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Tent building temporarily alleviates merchant demand

Time:2017-08-27 Views:195

The owner and management of the red dragon market promised to set up a large tent in the market car park immediately to provide temporary sales to the affected businesses.The roof is a large roof, spanning more than 20 meters, covering an area of about 1,800 square meters. The building needs time within one working day, and the main frame of the canopy has been set up as of press time.Within 10 days, there will be 10 equally sized canopies that will be produced and even built for commercial use.Each of these 1800 square meters of roof can be used by 100 merchants.

Tent building temporarily alleviates merchant demand

CCTV news video reports about it, in fact, the tent and Europe is often used for wedding tents, held a celebration activities such as tents on the grass, belong to the same kind of two types of different specifications, believe before read this blog reader, what should have to know.The purpose of the tent in disaster relief is not only that, but also provides relatively clean temporary space such as medical needs.

According to xinhua, a young fireman was killed and four other firefighters were killed when he was hit by falling objects in the hall.According to geng fei, five firefighters have been admitted to the hospital, and nine people have been treated in the hospital, one of them seriously.

The reporter asked many Chinese businessmen, everyone is not aware of the cause of fire.Geng fei revealed that the romanian police department and fire department had been involved in the investigation, and the cause of the fire was not clear.Some Chinese businessmen say they are running clothing shoes and hats on the 5th and 6th floor. The flammable goods may have contributed to the rapid spread of the fire.

Mr. Zhang stressed that the fire safety in the red dragon market was not in place, and the fire hydrants at close proximity were never used, which was the main reason for the fire‘s loss of control.

Chinese say, really want to cry now, was supposed to catch up with the financial crisis, business is not good, and many Chinese by local unjust treatment, has gone, now catch fire, it makes a lot of Chinese entrepreneurs to migrate.

Mr. Zhang said they were contacting the Chinese embassy in the hope that the government could recover some of the losses from the red dragon market.It is understood that geng flew to the scene at 6 o ‘clock in the morning and learned about the loss of Chinese business after being closely involved with the luo."The fire did not cause Chinese casualties, but they suffered heavy losses," he said.He said that the temporary office of the embassy and the commercial counselor arrived at the scene, and they were negotiating with the owner of the red dragon market, the Nile group, to properly deal with the aftermath.Local overseas Chinese leaders also organized and coordinated their solutions.

According to Romania, Ryan association President Pan Jidong, wenzhou, zhejiang, red dragon market was the largest in Romania in southeast Europe and even the whole China commodity distribution center, about 7000 Chinese residing in ROM the vast majority of business there.The day of the fire was the 5th and 6th floor of the market, involving more than 1,000 shops, of which over 90% were Chinese.

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