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Guangdong zhi fair USES awning room to build a new exhibition hall!

Time:2017-08-27 Views:190

Expo 2016 guangdong international robot and intelligent equipment, on November 29 - December 2 in houjie town, dongguan international exhibition center, expo is a high-end positioning for both domestic and overseas advanced robot and intelligent equipment and parts as the theme of the professional exhibition, the exhibition specifications similar highest across the country, such a grand exhibition, of course, without the participation of cernet will show awning room!

2016 guangdong intellectual fair

Last year of expo exhibition scale, set the record for the biggest exhibition in dongguan, intellectual expo this year in last year continued to use all the pavilion, on the basis of expanded again reached a staggering 116000 square meters, has added a new pavilion, 4 exhibition area increased by more than 10000 square meters, and increase the exhibition area of more than 10000 square is through self will show tent, for self for wisdom expo provides, 40, 50, 33, 30 span a variety of specifications of the exhibition awning room, summed up the tent area for more than 10000 square!

Why is the expo chosen to replace the indoor pavilion?

One: self will show tent can provide for 10 to 60 m span tent, and the exhibition tent length can be unlimited extension, according to the demand for and exhibition awning room interior is not bearing column, internal space availability of 100%, can easily provide intellectual expo exhibition space of large area, can effectively solve the problem of indoor pavilion area!

Awning room

Two: the rental price of the tent is very low, and if the large area of the exhibition, it will offer a certain discount, which will undoubtedly save the cost of expansion of the exhibition.Moreover, serter‘s professional engineering team can effectively build the exhibition tent in a very short time, and the sale of the booth will be able to solve the problem of the expansion of the exhibition.

The pavilion contrast

Three: self provide exhibition awning room not humble awning room space, we will provide perfect awning room facilities, such as lighting, carpet, and contrast can be found from the above graph, indoor pavilion and awning room inside the pavilion there is no difference, so the comprehensive factors such as price, practicability, flexibility, exhibition tent undoubtedly have more advantages!

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